Chris Sununu’s Blueprint for Economic Growth in New Hampshire

Download the plan here: Chris Sununu’s Blueprint for Economic Growth in NH

 New Hampshire To Be Open For Business

“The primary job of the governor is to grow the economy ... Because of over-regulation and onerous taxes, New Hampshire is no longer attracting new business ... Our friends to south are beating us ... This isn’t the New Hampshire I grew up in ... We should be encouraging business growth by reducing taxes and removing bureaucratic regulations … We must incentivize students to start their careers in our great state … Reducing energy and health care costs is critical ... The governor must be a stakeholder in these issues to understand how policy is impacting people's lives.”

- Chris Sununu



Chris Sununu believes a strong New Hampshire economy is built on a pro-growth business environment, free of repressive regulations and onerous taxes. High business taxes, increasing healthcare costs and record-high energy costs are crippling our economic growth and limiting job creation in New Hampshire. As governor, Chris Sununu will reverse nearly twenty years of harmful policy that has eroded our competitiveness and halted job creation.

Creating a Business-Friendly Climate: Once dynamic in its ability to attract skilled and high-paying jobs from across the region, New Hampshire’s economy has stagnated over the past decade. With an absence of leadership in the Governor’s Office, too many barriers to new business exist to put the state back on a sustainable growth path. As governor, Chris Sununu will work to reduce the burden of some of the highest corporate taxes in the nation, simplify complicated regulation and end costly government mandates. Only then will New Hampshire reinvigorate its business climate and restore the state’s economic prominence across the Northeast.

  • Reorganize Office of NH Economic Development: As part of a comprehensive overhaul to how state government approaches business, growth and opportunity, a Governor Sununu will reorganize the NH Economic Development office to report directly to the Governor and Executive Council.
  • Reduce & Simplify Business Taxes: Climbing business taxes under Democratic leadership are eroding New Hampshire’s competitive economic advantage in the region. The recent reductions in the Business Enterprise Tax (BET) and Business Profits Tax (BPT) are providing business owners more flexibility to grow and hire. Chris Sununu will work to continue the gradual decrease of the BET and BPT.  
  • No New Rules & Regulations: After taking office, Chris Sununu will implement a 90-day moratorium on any new rules and regulations. All proposed rules and regulations following the conclusion of the moratorium will be held against a rigorous economic impact analysis conducted by business leaders in New Hampshire.
  • Attract New Business: Fostering a friendly economic climate will attract new business into the state and encourage the growth of existing business, allowing New Hampshire to remain competitive in the region and across the country.
  • 100 Businesses in 100 Days: In the first 100 days of his administration, Chris Sununu will meet with 100 companies throughout the region and invite them to do business in New Hampshire. Chris Sununu’s hands-on experience as CEO of Waterville Valley has given him insight and the ability to develop personal relationships with companies across the country and trade partners abroad. 
  • Restoring Customer Service for NH Businesses: State government’s first priority should be working with businesses to enhance their growth potential, not act as a barrier and hindrance to success. A Governor Sununu will ensure that departments serve as a resource to local business, simplifying relationships with state government.
    • As CEO of Waterville Valley, Chris Sununu has seen first-hand the regulatory burdens departments can place upon local businesses.

Reduce Healthcare Costs: Healthcare costs in New Hampshire are among the highest in the nation and are a deterrent to hiring and business growth. As governor, Chris Sununu will support the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and push for alternatives such as allowing insurers to sell policies across state lines, reducing unnecessary mandates that drive up costs, and providing price transparency that allows consumers to make cost-effective decisions when choosing their providers. To drive down costs, we must increase competition in New Hampshire’s healthcare market and encourage convenient independent providers to grow.

Right to Work: Businesses across the country are moving to Right to Work states, which provides critical flexibility for employers and allows employees to privately make the best choices for themselves. As governor, Chris Sununu will advocate for right-to-work legislation that will help attract new companies to New Hampshire.


A thriving economy is contingent upon a strong workforce. Poor leadership in the Governor’s Office has done little to implement effective, forward-thinking strategies to both grow and improve New Hampshire’s workforce. With creative incentive programs and new partnerships with stakeholders, investment in workforce readiness will serve as a key piece to a broad-based approach to economic growth in a Sununu administration.

Keep NH Graduates In NH: New Hampshire’s college students are graduating with unprecedented debt and in need of high paying jobs. Chris Sununu’s plan will incentivize students to stay in New Hampshire and grow our economy from the inside out.

  • Student Loan Assistance Program: Students who graduate from New Hampshire colleges and enter the New Hampshire workforce in high-demand jobs such as nurses, recovery clinicians or teachers will be eligible for student debt reduction through newly prioritized higher education funds.

Promotion and Growth of Community Colleges: Community colleges are the bedrock of new-age higher education. Across the nation, community colleges are providing students an affordable alternative to four-year institutions, readily providing graduates with the skills needed to be successful in a competitive economy.

  • Keep Community Colleges Competitive: As governor, Chris Sununu will foster partnerships between community colleges and New Hampshire businesses to help develop a curriculum that meets the needs of today’s employers, create work-study programs that provide students with valuable experience, and give employers direct access to the workers of tomorrow.

Incentivize Technical Schools: For years, career and technical institutions in New Hampshire have provided high schools students with advanced vocational skills they can apply to jobs as soon as they graduate. Access to these schools, though, remain limited for students in smaller school districts across the state. We must ensure that students graduating from our high schools have workforce ready skills on day one.

  • Invest in Growth of Career Technical Schools: Working with the Department of Education, as well as private stakeholders, A Sununu administration will invest in the growth of technical schools offered throughout the state and the expansion of programs each school offers.

Career Training in Substance Abuse Recovery Programs: Addressing the ongoing drug crisis in New Hampshire requires a holistic approach to recovery. Men and women seeking treatment for substance abuse too often struggle to reintegrate into the workforce.

  • Grants for Recovery Center Job Training: As governor, Chris Sununu will work to provide state grants for New Hampshire recovery centers that offer career training and workforce readiness programs.
  • Business Tax Credits for Job Training Investment: Businesses that invest in job training programs at recovery centers will be eligible for newly available tax credits.
  • Workplace Prevention Programs: Businesses must be given the tools and training to understand what resources are available to their employees when faced with substance abuse challenges. By giving employers proper training tools we can enhance the support system for individuals and begin to address this crisis in a more comprehensive approach. A Governor Sununu will dedicate available funds to implementing educational programs for business managers.
    • At Waterville Valley, Chris Sununu has worked with his team to create resources for employees who are facing substance abuse issues, implementing an open-door policy with supervisors and promoting peer-to-peer recovery support systems.


Chris Sununu is an environmental engineer. And as CEO of Waterville Valley, he understands the need for long-term solutions to New Hampshire’s most-threatening energy problems. With limited options for baseload supply and overreaching environmental regulations, New Hampshire can no longer afford to continue catering to the special interests with short-sighted and politically-driven energy policy. A Sununu administration will develop relationships with the necessary stakeholders to bring to the state forward-thinking solutions to an unstable energy market to help reduce rates for our citizens.

Create Partnerships Between Local Communities and Energy Program Developers: New Hampshire needs a governor who understands the New England energy market. What’s more, New Hampshire needs a governor who understands the sensitivity of implementing energy programs in local communities. Chris Sununu understands exactly that and, as governor, will work closely with local communities to ensure that projects are being done the New Hampshire way - with care, transparency and in a clean manner.

Reductions in Energy Rates: The best way to reduce our energy rates is by increasing the availability of baseload power throughout New England. Our limited power supply into the grid is not sustainable and keeps rates too high for manufacturing companies to succeed. All options for increasing power supply must be brought to the table but implemented with New Hampshire’s best interests.


Fix Red-Listed Roads & Bridges Now: New Hampshire has over 2,000 miles of roads and 150 red listed bridges in need of repair. Leadership is about priorities and New Hampshire must be led by a governor who understands where our most critical needs are. Unfortunately, Democratic governors over the past decade have stalled on these important infrastructure needs and instead focused on more politically expedient projects. A Sununu administration will take action immediately to address long-overdue projects. 

Fiber Connectivity: As governor, Chris Sununu will expand fiber connectivity across the state through support for public-private partnerships, ensuring that New Hampshire does not fall behind competitors in the region and across the country in technological advancements. New business must be assured complete connectivity when competing in a global market.