Develop Long-Term Energy and Environmental Solutions

October 3, 2016 - 2 minutes read


Chris Sununu is an environmental engineer. And as CEO of Waterville Valley, he understands the need for long-term solutions to New Hampshire’s most-threatening energy problems. With limited options for baseload supply and overreaching environmental regulations, New Hampshire can no longer afford to continue catering to the special interests with short-sighted and politically-driven energy policy. A Sununu administration will develop relationships with the necessary stakeholders to bring to the state forward-thinking solutions to an unstable energy market to help reduce rates for our citizens.


Create Partnerships Between Local Communities and Energy Program Developers: New Hampshire needs a governor who understands the New England energy market. What’s more, New Hampshire needs a governor who understands the sensitivity of implementing energy programs in local communities. Chris Sununu understands exactly that and, as governor, will work closely with local communities to ensure that projects are being done the New Hampshire way – with care, transparency and in a clean manner.

Reductions in Energy Rates: The best way to reduce our energy rates is by increasing the availability of baseload power throughout New England. Our limited power supply into the grid is not sustainable and keeps rates too high for manufacturing companies to succeed. All options for increasing power supply must be brought to the table but implemented with New Hampshire’s best interests.

Read Chris’s Economic Plan in its entirety here.

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