Endorsement: Nashua Telegraph

November 1, 2016 - 2 minutes read
Chris Sununu is NH’s best option

Following the Sept. 13 primary in which Chris Sununu received a slim plurality of the Republican vote, we asked if he could rise to the challenge of uniting his party and winning the general election.

In watching his performance on the campaign trail leading up to Nov. 8, that answer is a resounding yes.

Sununu has proven to be more than a surname in one of New Hampshire’s most well-established political dynasties; he is a serious candidate with a strong business record. He has a broad approach to attracting new ventures into the Granite State through lower taxes and creating more competition within the healthcare industry here.

Sununu has called for Medicaid expansion to potentially sunset in New Hampshire over the next few years. This will allow the flexibility to design solutions to meet New Hampshire’s needs instead of deferring to bureaucrats inside the Beltway.

His opponent, Democrat Colin Van Ostern, has called to make the expansion permanent despite the murky future of Obamacare. Sununu would oppose Affordable Care Act regulations.

“Once you made something permanent out of Washington, you’ve lost all control,” he told The Telegraph during an Oct. 26 editorial board interview.

Sununu has said ineffective leadership in the corner office has led to a slowdown in the state’s economy. We agree that a stable economy is contingent on its workforce, and Sununu recognizes the importance of modernizing the state’s longstanding business-friendly advantages better than Van Ostern and his platform.

He proposes incentives to keep New Hampshire college students in the state with a loan assistance program offering debt reduction for those who enter high-demand occupations such as teaching and nursing. A Sununu administration will also keep community colleges competitive by expanding partnerships with in-state businesses to create work-study courses that give employers a pipeline directly to the new generation of employees.

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