Chris Sununu speaks out as a Republican candidate for Governor…

New Hampshire is a great state, but we can and must do better for our people, our communities, and for the businesses that power our economy.

I’m a business leader who will reestablish a vibrant economic climate that will provide dependable, high paying jobs, and develop pro-growth initiatives to stop the loss of our skilled workers and young people to other states.

I will veto a sales or income tax, but that pledge is not enough. Unlike the Democratic governors of the past two decades, I will make sure that pledge is not used as an excuse to expand other taxes and fees.

Comprehensive education reform is needed to insure that every family has the same opportunity to maximize their student’s potential in our schools. Empowering parents and teachers, and getting Washington bureaucrats out of New Hampshire’s classrooms. Unrestricted school choice. Increased funding for our charter schools. Paying our brightest teachers the best wages. Reinstating school building aid for local communities.

Today’s heroin crisis requires immediate action. We must reform prevention programs, deliver treatment that works, and remove roadblocks to recovery. As Governor, I will make the heroin epidemic a top priority.