Chris believes that a strong New Hampshire economy is built on a pro-growth business environment, free of repressive regulations and onerous taxes. As a business manager with more than 800 employees, he understands first-hand how policy in Concord affects New Hampshire’s businesses and the people who own them. Chris’s plan to restore the Granite State as the job engine of New England includes:

  • Reducing and simplifying business taxes
  • Investing in workforce readiness
  • Developing long-term energy and environmental solutions
  • Prioritizing infrastructure enhancements

Read Chris’s full plan HERE.

Chris has pledged to keep New Hampshire a low-tax state, opposing a Sales or Income Tax and any expansions on current taxes and fees.

On his first day as governor, Chris will take swift action to address the state’s crippling opioid crisis. He’ll bring sensible solutions and a renewed sense of leadership to the Governor’s Office. Chris’s plan begins with:

  • Implementing aggressive prevention education programs for students, parents and business managers
  • Removing roadblocks to recovery by expanding available treatment and state funding
  • Supporting law enforcement efforts to combat crisis on the front lines
  • Increasing efficiency in prescription drug monitoring programs

Read Chris’s top priorities for New Hampshire’s drug crisis HERE.

When New Hampshire does it New Hampshire’s way, we do it better than everybody else. Chris believes that to be especially true for education. A father of three young children, Chris has seen up close the erosion of school choice and the adverse effects of Common Core standards. He’ll be a governor that is committed to restoring local control in our schools, providing students a better path to success and empowering teachers to do what they do best. His plan includes:

  • Pushing back on Washington D.C. bureaucracy
  • Replacing Common Core with a New Hampshire test built for New Hampshire students
  • Promoting school choice through increased funding for charter schools
  • Empowering teachers to better prepare their students

New Hampshire is among the healthiest states in the country, but also has some of the highest healthcare costs. That’s unacceptable. Chris will address what governors over the past decade have failed to by:

  • Promoting broader competition amongst providers to drive down costs
  • Opposing Obamacare regulations

Chris is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. As governor, he’ll advocate for and sign Constitutional Carry legislation.

As CEO of a major ski resort and one of the highest energy users in New Hampshire, Chris has a unique perspective on energy policy.

  • Reducing and stabilizing energy rates for New Hampshire consumers
  • Promoting partnerships between public and private energy stakeholders

Chris is an environmental engineer by trade and spent years cleaning up hazardous waste sites and working to implement renewable energy programs. For too long now, New Hampshire has been led by governors who lack this first-hand perspective. As governor, Chris will shake up the status quo.